Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What Now? An Introduction

I discovered the world of academic blogs only last week and have spent the intervening days thinking frequently, “Now that might be a blog entry” or “I’d like to think about this some more; maybe in a blog entry?” I’m not sure why I hadn’t considered the possibility of blogging before; my partner has had a blog since December, so I’ve seen the whole writing-posting-commenting cycle up close and personal for months now. But then again, she’s significantly more techno-savvy than I (which wouldn’t be hard), and her blog is very much a part of her professional arena, so I guess it didn’t occur to me until now that this is a world into which I might venture.

But here I am now, venturing. I’ve decided to call my blog “What Now?” which, for me, includes several possibilities, queries that I’ll want to address in this blog:

Frustration: “Damn it, what now?”
Zest for life: “Fabulous, what now?”
Setting priorities: “Having done this, what now?”
Basic organization and clarification: “Wait a minute, what now?”

This is the first day of classes, a day that always includes some frustration, some zest for life, some setting of priorities, and some attempts at basic organization. So the “What Now?” blog is born today!